Danger Ahead

Our society has taken a very dangerous turn when an accusation can have the same career-ending effect as a conviction. Compounding this problem is a news report today that one high-profile feminist attorney has been trying to line up huge payoffs for women to come out and accuse President Trump of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is nothing to trivialize – when it really happened. But what’s to prevent a crusading nut-job from inventing an accusation in order to collect a big payout for helping to “get” someone? Lately it seems that it has been the seriousness of the charge that has done people in, not the nature of the evidence. When will this insanity stop?


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Claudia Rosett Talks Russian Collusion | The Daily Caller

“The Democrats’ rhetoric about Trump’s supposed Russian collusion does not match the degree of enthusiasm and flexibility that former President Barack Obama actually displayed to Russia for his entire two terms, Rosett says in this video interview.” – Ginni Thomas

Source: Claudia Rosett Talks Russian Collusion | The Daily Caller

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How to Stay Sane in an Unhinged World http://www.nationalreview.com/article/453166/kat-timpf-nro-fundraising-appeal-sanity-amid-crazinessKat Timpf: Help Fund NRO to Counter the World’s Craziness | National Review

“Oh, and it gets worse. As the list of things deemed unacceptable to say or do grows, we’re also seeing huge numbers of our country’s young adults not just disrespect, but actually misunderstand the First Amendment. In fact, a recent study found that a whopping 44 percent of United States college students believe that hate speech is not protected by the Constitution — no, not that it should not be protected, but that it is currently not protected — and the only thing that surprised me was that the number was not higher. After all, I’m constantly seeing stories like the one I wrote about in October, where a group of student protesters crashed a College Republicans’ meeting demanding it be shut down because “white supremacists” and “fascists” don’t have a “right of free speech,” and their very presence was making the library too “unsafe” for other people. It’s not just the students, either: In September, Princeton University’s Constitution Day lecture was titled “F%*# Free Speech,” and detailed how ‘the academy has never promoted free speech as a central value.'” – Katherine Timpf

Source: Kat Timpf: Help Fund NRO to Counter the World’s Craziness | National Review

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Our Broken Moral Compasses

“In which societies do ordinary citizens have their human rights protected the most — those toward the capitalist end or those toward the communist end? Finally, which societies do people around the world flee from — capitalist or communist? And where do they flee to — capitalist or communist societies?” – Dr. Walter E. Williams

Source: Our Broken Moral Compasses

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Behold Our Betters – Kurt Schlichter

“To be a normal American is to constantly be scolded, to be lectured, to be treated as a morally bankrupt simpleton in need of the guidance and direction provided by an urban elite ruling class notable for its empty academic credentials, its track record of incompetence, and its idolization of people who erotically abuse the foliage.” – Kurt Schlichter

Source: Behold Our Betters – Kurt Schlichter

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Second Amendment Is the Argument | National Review

“The Second Amendment is the argument. It’s alarming how often people forget this. Whenever there’s violence, the Left starts to demand that the government get the guns off our streets, that it do so now, that it should have done it sooner to keep the people safe. In response, the Right often argues for the benefits of #2A, throwing out statistics such as the fact that gun violence has actually been dropping even though more people have been purchasing firearms, or philosophical arguments such as the idea that people looking to murder masses of people will find a weapon and a way regardless of what the laws are.” – Katherine Timpf

Source: Second Amendment Is the Argument | National Review

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The Real Sickness At The Heart Of American Culture – John Hawkins

“Yes, there was a time when people worried about Elvis provocatively shaking his hips on stage and it’s easy to laugh at that, but wouldn’t we be better off if that was one of the biggest moral problems we faced as a society today? We don’t like to admit the ugly truth; we’re more educated and much less racist than we used to be as a society, but we are also morally inferior to Americans from fifty years ago in almost every other way that matters.” – John Hawkins

Source: The Real Sickness At The Heart Of American Culture – John Hawkins

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Why so many leftists are genuinely delusional

“There are many factors contributing both to leftists’ general irrationality and to their current hysteria in the Age of Trump: their near-religious infatuation with socialism and hatred of capitalism; their warped assessment (or total ignorance) of human nature; their conspicuous lack of introspection and resulting penchant for projection (blaming others for the problems they cause); their addiction to the corrosive practice of identity politics; their rejection of Judeo-Christian values with regard to sex, marriage and family; their denial of their own policies’ obvious failures; and so on. But let’s focus right now on just one factor, since it’s arguably the most foundational, and certainly the most toxic of all: hate.” – David Kupelian

Source: Why so many leftists are genuinely delusional

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Why They Hate Trump So Much – Lawrence Meyers

“One of the reasons the Leftists are so angry at President Trump isn’t so much because he won, even though Leftists are incapable of being gracious losers. It’s that they were told that the Second Coming of Typhoid Mary would occur, and like all children, are mad that Papa CNN and Mama MSNBC were wrong.” – Lawrence Meyers

Source: Why They Hate Trump So Much – Lawrence Meyers

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Happy Independence Day!


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