Hello and welcome to Bass Riffs. In case you’re wondering about the name of the blog, it comes from one of my favorite pastimes, playing bass guitar. If you have found the blog from my Facebook page, I appreciate your willingness to look in and possibly stay connected. But regardless how you got here, I hope you will find something worthwhile here occasionally. Much of what I like to blog about is current events and politics, but anything is pretty much fair game – whatever happens to hit my (or your) fancy at the moment.

Some ground rules: profanity is out on this blog – if profanity is your thing, there are plenty of other blogs and sites that will be happy to accommodate you.  Likewise are personal attacks on me or on other people who post comments here. If personal invective is your bag, I’d recommend that you try a liberal blog where that sort of thing is tolerated and possibly even encouraged. Yours truly is the final arbiter of what’s profane or an ad hominem attack; if you post a comment like that and it never gets uploaded or it suddenly disappears, you will know why. And if any new readers are offended by the rules, thanks for visiting and have a nice day!

Now that the rules have been laid out, thanks for visiting and I hope you will become a regular. Let the discussions begin!


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