The Fight for Liberty Has Many Fronts

As I reflect upon the events of the past year, I am struck by the steady erosion of the liberties that our forefathers fought for and that have been enjoyed by Americans for well over 200 years.  We are bombarded daily with numerous attacks on our liberties, and there doesn’t seem to be much effective resistance to the onslaught as, time after time, our objections are drowned out by a loud, mean-spirited, often vulgar minority.  I offer the following items for consideration.

The Duck Dynasty dust-up is but one example.  Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Duck Dynasty’s Robertson family, decided for some reason to submit to an interview by “GQ” magazine, a publication not exactly known for its conservative positions.  During the course of the interview, he was asked to give his views on sin, and we have all become painfully aware of the brou-ha-ha that resulted.  The point is that the left and the vocal homosexual spokespeople howled in protest at what they perceived as an attack on the homosexual lifestyle, even though Phil Robertson passed no judgement on anyone or their lifestyle.  They heard what they wanted to hear, and in what has become all too typical of the left and their methods, they set about to silence, even to destroy, Phil Robertson.  You see, that’s how the left deals with opposing ideas.  Rather than engage in a debate, their method is to silence those who put forth ideas with which they disagree.

Then there are the attacks on Christianity itself.  The military, long a laboratory for social experimentation by the left, has embraced homosexuality with open arms while at the same time going after Christians.  Christians have become the new “don’t ask, don’t tell” community within the military, an area that had formerly been the domain of the homosexual community since the Clinton presidency.  Now it seems to be open season on Christians in the military, even to the point of forbidding members to use the expression “Merry Christmas.”  A military chaplain friend of ours was recently called on the carpet for quoting of an old expression that has been around for decades, “There are no atheists in foxholes,” in an article he had written for the base newspaper.  Apparently an atheist group took umbrage with the use of that particular quote and set about to destroy the chaplain’s military career.  Again, rather than simply have the debate and disagree, they sought to silence and destroy the person with whom they disagree.

Examples of the left’s attack on Christmas abound.  Recently a group of children wanted to deliver homemade Christmas greeting cards to hospitalized veterans in a VA hospital.  They were told that use of “Merry Christmas,” other references to Christ, or use of scriptural references was forbidden.  Cards that contained them were not delivered.  In other examples, numerous businesses have settled for “Happy Holidays” or some other secular greeting of the season and shied away from the use of “Merry Christmas.”  Reportedly, some businesses have forbidden employees to say “Merry Christmas” at all (although some employees will return such a greeting that is proffered by a customer).  Nativity displays have been prohibited in many municipalities, and the singing of overtly religious Christmas carols has been prohibited in many public locations.  Schools have “Holiday Parties” now, and they close for “Winter Break.”

Many in this country disagree with the ruinous policies and practices of the current occupant of the White House.  Polls show that the majority of the country are opposed to Obamacare, euphamistically known officially as the Affordable Care Act.  Many were able to predict the disaster that the act has turned out to be, and wanted nothing to do with it. Many hoped against hope that the Republicans would find a way to defund or otherwise get rid of it.  How has the left reacted?  Why, with name-calling and intimidation, of course.  Those who would dare to oppose the president, on this or any other grounds, are summarily labeled as racists, and many of them have allowed themselves to be silenced altogether rather that be called a racist.  A reasonable person might ask, “Since when has it been a racist act to disagree with someone for the way they govern or fail to govern?”  The left have seized the bludgeon that having a black president has afforded them, such that any and all criticism of the man’s policies, practices, and performance has to be due to racism alone.  He and they have set the cause of race relation in this country back a good 50 years as a result.

Then there are the numerous attacks against our 2nd Amendment rights.  Every time a criminal or otherwise deranged person commits an act of violence with a firearm, the left issue their clarion call for the abolition of firearms.  Never mind that law-abiding citizens are not the ones committing these senseless acts of violence.  In fact, statistics have shown that the private ownership of firearms has actually resulted in a safer society, especially in locations where the 2nd Amendment rights have not been infringed upon in any way.  Nevertheless the left can be counted on to trot out some esoteric study that shows the suicide rates to be higher among households where firearms are kept, or some other study that supposedly proves their point relative to private ownership of firearms.  They are loathe to examine the real causes of gun violence, such as the fact that we live in a sick and declining society where those with mental illness are able to skirt treatment that would likely prevent them from harming themselves or others.  Likewise, criminals are coddled and shoved back out into society where they can and often do perpetrate violent crimes.  And of course the Michael Bloombergs of the world can be counted on to push for “universal background checks,” whatever that means.  It is the law of the land that purchasers of firearms must undergo a Federal background check in order to make such a purchase, except in those cases where they might purchase a firearm from a private individual.  What the left are really after is gun registration, which history has shown to be the precursor to gun confiscation (see: Nazi Germany, for but one example).

There are many other examples of encroachment on our Constitutional liberties that I could cite, but space is limited – perhaps another time.  But let it suffice to say that the practitioners of political correctness continue to run rough-shod over our 1st Amendment rights of free speech and freedom to worship as we please.  Many of the “silent majority” let themselves become cowed or co-opted into compliance with the politically acceptable speech of the left, foregoing the “Merry Christmas” greeting for the sterile “Happy Holidays,” or collectively shrugging their shoulders when another judicial body finds a “right” that has no basis whatsoever in the Constitution.  When we do that, we are further surrendering our liberties and making it easy for the left to continue upping the ante with regard to the further erosion of our Constitutional rights.  And, I will save the subjects of abortion on demand – and the leftist indoctrination centers known as the public schools -for another time.

The left often say that they are ever ready to listen to those who hold opposing views, yet they seem loathe to recognize that there ARE any opposing views; we are indebted to the late (and if I may say so, the great) William F. Buckley for first pointing that out.  Instead, they raise their collective voices so shrilly that they drown out all opposition; it’s what they specialize in.  Rather than continuing to allow ourselves to be drowned out and to have our liberties taken away by the progressive march of the leftists of this country, may 2014 be the year that we finally stand up, coalesce around a real leader (may he or she please step forward, and quickly!), and mount effective opposition to the steady erosion of our liberties.  May 2014 be the year that we take back both houses of Congress so that we can start to apply the brakes on a runaway executive branch of the government.  May 2014 be the year that conservatives throughout the land collectively stand and say “Enough is enough!” And may 2014 be the year they are ready and willing to draw the line in the sand – and then, to defend that line and even to go on the offensive to regain what we’ve lost.  Otherwise, we risk losing it all.  So, here’s to 2014 – may it be the year we begin to take our country back. 

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2 Responses to The Fight for Liberty Has Many Fronts

  1. G W Combs says:

    Read it with delight… and sadness at the truth of your words. Ready to fight; where/how to begin?

    • Rick I says:

      Hoping that the way forward will become clearer as conservative leader(s) emerge. For the near term, I think we need to do everything we can to get conservatives elected. That may mean becoming involved as volunteers to help the right (mind the pun!) candidates. Further discussion should probably be off-line…

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