This Dog Won’t Hunt

Okay, American Left, let’s get real – Obamacare is a dog that won’t hunt.  Everything about the law euphemistically named the Affordable Care Act has been a disaster, beginning with the Democrats-only passage of the legislation during the dead of night, to the ill-advised 1 October 2013 rollout, to the continued meddling by the president in vain attempts to “fix” this fatally-flawed government money-and-power grab.  Making this even worse were the numerous times that the president promised that people would be able to keep their current coverage and their current doctors, should they so desire, which of course was never the case.  And then there are the grossly unfair exemptions that were granted to a large numbers of favored friends of the president and Democrats.  This piece-of-trash 2,700-page law has produced something like 30,000 – 40,000 pages of regulations to implement and enforce the law, and we’re still learning about some of the darker features they contain.  The most blatant leftist power-grab of all time, this thing, if allowed to remain law, will likely never be able to be uprooted and disposed of.  Reportedly, vastly larger numbers of people have lost their existing coverage than have been able to sign up with the insurance exchanges, and those who have managed to sign up have been shocked at the large increases in their premiums and deductions.  This socialist power-grab should never have seen the light of day.  There were plenty of other ways to deal with rising medical costs, and sadly, none of them were tried.  Instead the left went right for the jugular and it looks as if what we had, the world’s finest medical care, may not survive.  Sadly, the same cannot be said about the American left.  Single payer medical care, otherwise known as socialized medicine, is the end-game.

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